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I love my job as a Facebook Ads Coach and Strategist. I get to work with online business owners and blogger to help them grow their impact and profits!

That’s why I am so excited to share this Facebook ads success story from my friend and fellow business owner, Leisa Peterson.

Leisa is a Certified Financial Planner who owns the company, Wealth Clinic. She teaches her clients how to reconstruct their lives and businesses to make them more satisfying and rewarding.

I have worked with Leisa myself to help cultivate an abundance mindset in my own business. I was very honored to work with her on her Facebook ads strategy to reach more people.

With her Facebook ads, Leisa has grown her email list by thousands of subscribers through a unique strategy.

When email subscribers usually cost anywhere from $1-3 (or more!) using Facebook ads, Leisa is using a quiz to drive email signups — at an average cost of just $0.44!

Let’s dive in to see how Leisa has been able to achieve these amazing results!

From Entrepreneurship to Finance and Back

Leisa’s passion for entrepreneurship started at an early age. When she was 8 years old, she started selling gardening seeds door-to-door. But, as she grew into an adult, Leisa moved into the business finance field.

Over the years, Leisa has worked in personal finance and is a Certified Financial Planner with an MBA in finance.

Today, Leisa helps entrepreneurs develop practical skills to attract greater wealth, freedom, and peace of mind into their lives. She also blogs and podcasts about what it means to manage money mindfully.

Wasting Money by Boosting Posts

Leisa started off boosting Facebook posts rather than pulling them into ads within the Power Editor. Back then, she admits that she was “flying by the seat of her pants,” especially when it came to selecting audiences.

The thing about boosting Facebook posts versus creating a campaign in the Ads Manager is that boosting gives you less control. Boosting gives you limited options when it comes to choosing the objectives, audiences, placements, and other features.

Leisa did get some page likes from boosting her posts, but she wasn’t seeing a large increase in email subscribers — which was her main goal.

That’s the key ingredient to remember when you’re creating successful Facebook ad campaigns — you need to have a clear goal in mind!

Even though Leisa had a clear goal to grow her email list, she felt overwhelmed by the steps and options inside the Facebook Ads Manager and Power Editor.

“I didn’t even know which Campaign Objective to select, so I gave up on creating my own ad campaigns,” she said.

But, Leisa recognizes now that she was wasting money by simply boosting posts instead of creating carefully targeted campaigns.

Targeting the Right Audience

Leisa’s business has a unique hurdle that she must overcome by targeting a cold audience. A cold audience is someone who is new to your brand and has never heard of you or your business.

Because her business tackles issues that are deeply personal related to money and inner feelings, Leisa says it was hard to gain emails subscribers. She admits this was especially difficult because she was only boosting Facebook posts.

However, when Leisa began working with me one-on-one, we developed a strategy to run ads to grow her list faster.

Unlike most of my clients who want to grow their email list — by running ads to a blog post or even a landing page for a product or giveaway — Leisa decided to try using a quiz as her free offer (i.e. lead magnet) for email subscribers.

Finding a Winning Strategy

Unfortunately, there’s not a one-size-fits-all strategy when it comes to getting your desired results with Facebook ads. Most of the time it takes a bit of testing, tweaking, and being open to investing in your business in order to figure out what works.

Leisa’s strategy to use Facebook ads to offer a quiz has definitely paid off!

Leisa is currently driving traffic to her Chakra Imbalance quiz thanks to a tool called, Interact Quiz Builder.

Interact Quiz Builder - Chakra Quiz

Interact approached Leisa about testing out their quiz platform around the same time we started working together on her Facebook ads strategy.

Leisa says that combining the quiz with her Facebook ads strategy was a perfect convergence because people love learning about themselves. Knowing this made them eager to take the quiz and sign up!

This eagerness is definitely reflected in Leisa’s results, too!

The amazing thing is that her results have been amazing long-term! Between June and December 2017, Leisa was able to get sign-ups for an average cost of just $0.44 per email subscriber!

Since then, Leisa has narrowed her campaign down to just one winning ad set. The lifetime results from June 2017 – March 2018 show her average cost is even lower — at just $0.41 per email subscriber!

The total ad spend for this particular Ad Set was $1,858.97 for 4,534 registrations. So this comes out to an average of $0.41 per completed email registration!

Using a Quiz for Facebook Ads

The Chakra Imbalance quiz walks people through various scenarios and questions, leading them to one of seven answers.

On the back-end of the quiz, Leisa set up seven separate funnels, one for each of the seven possible quiz results.

Building individualized funnels for each result is more work upfront. However, Leisa feels that this is what has resulted in such a high percentage of users remaining on her list after taking the quiz.

Leisa estimates that she’s gained a total of approximately 16,000 active subscribers from her Facebook ads campaign for the Chakra Imbalance quiz! This has resulted from testing multiple different ads sets over the past 10 months.

👉 Leisa stated that using a quiz was perfect for her business because she already sends surveys to her list on a regular basis. She does this often to gather data about what types of products and services they are most interested in.

If you’re interested in creating a quiz for your own Facebooks ads strategy, Leisa recommends the following:

  • Don’t take your quiz lightly – Put in the work upfront to create a well thought out quiz that causes people to be curious.
  • Consider the shareability and results – If people are willing to share the quiz results, you may get more organic reach than she did with her very personal Chakra quiz. This could help you get subscribers for an even lower cost.
  • Have a giver’s game mentality – The same funnel for every quiz result will not build the “know, like, and trust” factor as much as individualized funnels for each quiz result will.

I want to thank Leisa for being so open to share her past struggles with Facebook ads and the strategy that is working for her for the past 10 months! Her results are truly remarkable!

That’s why I am so excited to be working on my own quiz!

Because Leisa had such great success, I’ve decided to create my own quiz using the Interact Quiz Builder. I can already tell you that it’s easy (and fun!) to use!

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