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In this episode, I’m chatting with serial entrepreneur, Chris Ducker!

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Are you ready to scale your business while working 30 hours per week or less?

That’s what my guest in this episode has done! And he runs several 7-figure businesses while prioritizing time with his wife and his family.

Today on the podcast, I am sharing my conversation with serial entrepreneur, business coach, and author, Chris Ducker. Chris is the founder of several businesses both online and off, and he’s sharing his systems and processes that have helped him take his businesses to the next level while working just 24 hours per week!

Chris is a wealth of knowledge and I am so excited for you to hear all of the tidbits of information he shares about his beliefs around multitasking, finding the right people to hire for the job, and knowing your numbers!

In this episode, Chris and I dive into:

  • How he became a serial entrepreneur running 3 businesses
  • His advice around intentionally creating company culture and onboarding properly
  • His 3 tips for planning and goal setting
  • Why you have to be crystal CLEAR on what you want your legacy and impact to be

…and more!

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