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Take Action Moments to Future-Proof Your Business with Scott Voelker from

In this episode, I’m talking with Scott Voelker from!

Scott Voelker is the founder and host of The Amazing Seller podcast,  a top-ranked business show where he helps regular, everyday people start and grow their own online businesses in eCommerce.  Scott is a serial entrepreneur who has built and helped others build 6 and 7 figure brands online over the past 15 years and has now taught and inspired thousands all over the world through his “Take Action” approach!

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About this episode:

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How niching down has played a part in helping Scott build several successful businesses over the last twenty years 
  • The 4-part formula that Scott has used for nearly 15 years to successfully launch products online
  • How to future-proof your business so you’re not building your brand on rented land

Plus, a whole lot more!

And if you pick up a copy of The Take Action Effect, don’t forget to post a picture on Instagram and tell us your ‘take action’ moment that created a huge shift in your life or business. Tag @scottvoelker and @flourishwithmonica on Instagram with the hashtag #TakeActionMoment when you post!

Check out some pictures from Brand Accelerator Live below!

photo credit: Aume Motion Arts

photo credit: Aume Motion Arts

photo credit: Aume Motion Arts

photo credit: Aume Motion Arts

And some of my personal photos, including Scott, Pat Flynn, and Jaime Masters on stage!

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