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Welcome to this special edition episode of the Flourish to 7 Figures Podcast.

In this episode, I’ll talk through the impact that the global pandemic, COVID-19, is having on online marketing and Facebook ads, and share some great resources that I’ve come across over the past few days.

Resources mentioned:

Advertising on Facebook

Free Online Business and Marketing Resources

Resources During the Coronavirus Quarantine

Keeping the Mood Light

Resources for You and Your Family

About this episode:

With everything going on in the world today, this is an unusual time. Like you, my family and I have been affected by the global pandemic that is COVID-19. My kids are home from school. The restaurants, my gym, and other places I frequent around town are closed. Conferences and events I’ve been planning to attend this year are being canceled.

And I’ve been hearing a lot of concerned voices about lost jobs, the stock market failing, and how all of this is going to affect — and already has affected — online business.

There are a lot of questions, and we’re all trying to process it all. And while I don’t have all the answers, I do want to address some common questions that keep coming up, like “Should I even be running Facebook ads right now? Should I be marketing my products and services?”

In this episode, I’ll talk through some of the potential answers to those questions and share some great resources that I’ve come across over the past few days.

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