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In this episode, I’m interviewing Lauren McManus from!

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About this episode:

Does it feel like you’ve hit an income ceiling in your online business and you’re ready to finally bust through? 

Today’s guest — along with her business partner — have built multiple successful online businesses. And now they earn 6-figures PER MONTH! They’ve built a freedom business that allows them to travel the world full-time.

I am so excited to bring you my interview with Lauren McManus from!

Lauren is a former CPA turned blogger, who with her business partner, Alex Nerney, earned six-figures in their first year blogging in the health and wellness space. They started Create and Go to teach others how to start and grow their own blogs and have gone on to earn six-figures per month. She now runs this blog full-time while traveling the world as a digital nomad.

Lauren and I cover so much in this episode, including:

  • The mistakes Lauren and Alex made when they were first getting started online (and what they would do differently today)
  • How they decided which products to create and how they were confident their audience would buy them
  • Why you don’t need to get caught on the content creation hamster wheel to grow a 7-figure business (and what you should do instead)
  • The mindset shift that helped Lauren go from hating selling to actually loving marketing
  • Where to focus on in your business to make the leap from 6-figures to 7

And a whole lot more!

Thanks for listening!

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