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How to Pitch to the Media the Right Way and Turn that Publicity into Profit

In this episode, I sit down with Christina Nicholson, the Media Maven, to learn how to pitch to the media the right way and turn that publicity into profit!

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About this episode:

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How Christina went from TV reporter to freelancer to building her own accidental PR agency
  • The changes Christina made that allowed her business to skyrocket and earn multiple six-figures in PROFIT working only 20-25 hours per week
  • How earning publicity can help us grow our businesses
  • The 3 different kinds of media and which one is worth the most to your bottom line
  • The benefits of earned media and how it helps you build trust with your audience
  • Why you might want to think twice about some paid media opportunities
  • How to determine which media outlets are right for you and your business
  • Why smaller outlets might bring a better ROI than the national media outlets
  • What to look out for when outlets guarantee coverage
  • Why you should run the other way when a publicist says they’re going to make you “industry famous”
  • What kind of mindset you need to have when seeking earned media
  • How to get earned media in 3 simple steps
  • The biggest mistakes people make when pitching to media outlets
  • Two ways to make your pitches timely so you’re more likely to get featured now and avoid getting pushed to the back burner
  • How to turn publicity into profit and why you should never assume that it will happen naturally
  • Why online businesses should consider becoming a member of the media
  • Christina’s #1 tool for sharing on social media
  • How Christina uses each social platform and how she grew her following
  • How to be sure you’re focusing your time and energy on a social media strategy that will help you get the best results for your goals
  • And more!


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