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How to Turn One Idea into 7 Different Income Streams with Jonathan Milligan

In this episode, I’m joined by Jonathan Milligan, author, blogger, speaker, and online business coach!

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Do you want to diversify your streams of income? If you’re like most entrepreneurs, creating multiple revenue streams is the goal! 

My guest, Jonathan Milligan from Market Your Message, has uncovered a way to turn one message into 7 different streams of income! He has stopped trading his time for dollars by leveraging affiliate income and creating courses. And did I mention that he did this all during the 2008 financial recession?

Jonathan is an author, blogger, speaker, and online business coach! In this interview, he shares the incredible story of how he started his now-thriving portable and profitable online business. I hope you’ve got your pen and paper, because Jonathan drops so many gems that you’re going to want to take notes!

No matter what the world is facing, Jonathan shares some encouraging tips for anyone who is considering starting or scaling a business and demonstrates how some of the greatest ideas develop in the midst of challenges.

In this episode, Jonathan and I discuss:

  • How he set up 7 perpetual streams of income around a single idea
  • Why you should focus on just one thing at a time
  • Jonathan’s 3 tips for discovering your message when you’re getting started
  • How passions evolve over time (even when purpose remains the same)

…and more!

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