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How to Triple Your Open Rates with Conversational Marketing with Mary Kathryn Johnson

In this episode, I’m interviewing Mary Kathryn Johnson, author, entrepreneur and conversational marketing expert!

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About this episode:

Are you ready to market to your audience in a fun and engaging way?

My guest in this episode is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to conversational marketing, chatbots and funnels, and that’s exactly what we dig into in this interview! I am honored to have my friend, Mary Kathryn Johnson from Messenger Funnels on the podcast this week!

Nicknamed #ChatBotMom, Mary Kathryn started her online journey way back in 2003,  and now, she helps entrepreneurs pour rocket fuel on their funnels with SMS and chatbot marketing through her agency and her online training program, Bot Academy.

Mary gives so much insight into how marketing is evolving with technology and why it’s so important to be prepared for what’s coming next. She shares the importance of building chatbots independent of apps (so you can own the experience 100%) and not be bogged down by the rules of the platform!

In this episode, Mary shares:

  • How being pregnant with her first son sparked her first successful online business
  • How to double, triple, or even quadruple our open rates and click-through rates to increase engagement with your audience
  • Where the future of technology and marketing are headed next

Plus, a whole lot more!

This was a super fun interview! Mary Kathryn is such a joy, and she’s truly a marketing genius!

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