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In this episode, I’m chatting with Krista Miller, virtual summit expert and founder of Summit in a Box!

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About this episode:

What if you could triple your revenue and your email list with one simple strategy? Krista Miller is on a mission to help entrepreneurs do exactly that!

Krista is the founder of Summit in a Box and the host of the Summit Host Hangout Podcast, and before you run away thinking that hosting a summit is too much work or too complicated to pull off, I encourage you to listen to this interview!

Krista is here to show us how impactful hosting an online summit can be for your audience, your business, and your bottom line, and how hosts AND speakers can both benefit from a smart virtual event.

Whether you’re a first-time summit host, a seasoned speaker, considering participating, or you’re a summit expert, you’re bound to walk away from this episode with new insights to make the absolute most out of your upcoming summits!

In this episode, Krista shares:

  • How her systems cut her time commitment from 400+ hours to just 60 per summit
  • How summits help you build credibility and become an industry leader
  • The genius tactics she uses to keep audience engagement high during virtual summits
  • The keys to a profitable online summit for both the summit host and the speakers
  • The 3-part framework to hosting a virtual summit (while tripling your monthly revenue and email list)

…and more!

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