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In this episode, I’m joined by Kelsey Kerslake, CEO, Creative Director, and Business Coach at Pinegate Road and the Aligned Business Academy.

About this episode:

Are you strategically making your 7-figure dreams come true with your online business?

In this episode, I’m joined by Kelsey Kerslake, CEO, Creative Director, and Business Coach at Pinegate Road — personal branding and web design agency and the Aligned Business Academy.

Kelsey believes you are 100% capable of creating the life of your dreams. Kelsey and her team will make sure that your story, strategy, and self are aligned to get you there.

She has a passion for supporting online service providers, coaches, and educators to help them lead businesses and live lives that are fulfilling and profitable.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

🌱 How Kelsey grew her agency while working a full-time job

👉 The unexpected challenges she faced as a full-time business owner

🏖️ The unconventional lifestyle she dreamed about

✅ How she makes decisions to create her aligned business

📈 The steps she took to design her business to run and grow without her

💰 How to overcome the fear of raising your prices

…and a whole lot more!

What is the next step you need to take to truly align your business with your goals? 


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