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How Hosting a Live Event Can Create Raving Fans with Kevin Sanderson from Maximizing Ecommerce

In this episode, I’m talking with Kevin Sanderson from Maximizing Ecommerce!

Today’s guest is a husband, father, and successful eCommerce brand owner. And he’s also the mastermind behind the extraordinary 200-person event where I was a keynote speaker last year, Brand Accelerator Live!

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(The Facebook with Facebook Ads live, in-person event is tentatively planned for later this year. My team and I aim to protect the health of our attendees, and we are closely monitoring the developments of coronavirus COVID 19 as it impacts our plans and will notify you with updates!)

About this episode:

I’m so excited to share with you my interview with Kevin Sanderson from Maximizing Ecommerce! Kevin is a full-time ecommerce seller who also helps others grow their businesses. He is the host of the Maximizing Ecommerce podcast and YouTube channel, as well as the event planner behind Brand Accelerator Live, our good friend, Scott Voelker’s conference with 200 attendees.

We cover so much in this episode about Kevin’s journey — from growing his ecommerce business on the side of his day job to going out on his own full-time, and we also dive deep into how he and Scott created Scott’s first-ever large-scale live event.

And at the end of the interview, I reveal some exciting news coming later this year!

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How Kevin leveraged his corporate career experience when he made the transition to working for himself
  • How he pitched Brand Accelerator Live to Scott — and made it happen!
  • How Kevin keeps shiny object syndrome at bay

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