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Facebook Ads Success Stories Part 1: How to Reach the Right People and Win with Facebook Ads

In this episode, I’m sharing some real-life Facebook ads success stories!

And I’ve brought together some of my students of Flourish with Facebook Ads to help me do it!

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About this episode:

When it comes to Facebook ads, I find that many business owners worry that ads won’t work for their business and their audience. Depending on the niche, I’ve met business owners who are totally convinced that their audience is not on Facebook at all!

And while I myself love talking about Facebook and Instagram ads and helping you see how they can work for your business, niche, and audience, I think I have something even more persuasive.

I’ve invited some of my Flourish with Facebook Ads students to come on the podcast and share their stories of how they have successfully used Facebook ads to reach their target markets. These students you’ll hear from today are all bloggers and are all in the personal finance space.

But they serve VERY different target audiences. While they have similar monetization strategies and use Facebook ads in a similar way, they are reaching totally different kinds of people.

And most remarkable, they have all found great success using Facebook ads to reach the people THEY want to reach.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How a veteran blogger maximizes the value of Facebook ads for herself and her sponsors
  • How a student turned his blog into a business with highly-targeted traffic campaigns
  • How one dynamic duo grew their brand awareness to share their message with a very niche audience

…and more!

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