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Facebook Ads: How to Create a Killer Ad that Converts

In this episode, we’re breaking down the third pillar of a high-converting Facebook or Instagram ad campaign: the eye-catching ad!

In this episode, you’ll learn one of the most important skills of Facebook advertising: how to create a killer Facebook ad that actually connects! I’ll help you construct Facebook ads that will have your audience ready to convert.

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About this episode:

Whether you’re aiming to grow your profits or your email list, a well-crafted creative that resonates with your audience will grab attention and get that conversion. These are simple tricks YOU need to know to help your Facebook ads stand out from the News Feed!

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In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • The two jobs your ad MUST get right to see real results! (Ignoring these is the number one reason why Facebook ads bomb!)
  • Tips and tools to “stop the scroll” so that no one will ignore your ads!
  • How to apply these strategies to your Instagram ads so you can properly leverage the fastest growing social media platform

From the image, to the headline, to the text of the ad itself, you’ll learn all of my best advice on creating a killer Facebook ad that connects!

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