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A Behind-the-Scenes Look at Growing My Team with Sierra Robertson of Team Flourish!

In this episode, I’m pulling back the curtain on Team Flourish!

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About this episode:

Today, I have a super special guest with me, but this is not just another guest interview. I am SO excited to welcome one of my longtime team members to the show today. Together, we’re going to give you a behind-the-scenes look at how I’ve grown my business and my team over the last few years!

My current business has been around for just over 3.5 years, but we’ve had super-fast growth in that short time. My first year of business, I came just shy of hitting 6-figures, and in my second year of business, I more than doubled my revenue and have been growing ever since!

And while I just mentioned “I” and “my,” what I really mean is “we” and “our.” While I’m the owner of the business, as you’ll hear in today’s episode, I have been intentional about growing my team right from the start. And I truly believe that I would not be where I am today in business without the incredible support and collaboration of my team of rock stars! My guest today is my lead copywriter and content manager, Sierra Robertson!

As you’ll hear in the interview, Sierra and I love working together and are proud of the work we do! While we wanted to pull back the curtain to show you how we work here on Team Flourish, we also wanted to make this episode really actionable for you as you grow your team and your business!

In this episode, Sierra and I share:

  • How our team and the business has changed over the years
  • How we overcome challenges as a team
  • Resources that have helped us successfully grow our team and scale our business

…and a whole lot more!

Thanks for listening!

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