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The Anatomy of an $800,000 Launch: A Behind-the-Scenes Look at the Strategy, the Ads, What Worked, and What Didn’t with Luisa Zhou

In this episode, I’m sitting down with Luisa Zhou!

Today’s guest has achieved some incredible feats in her online business career, including earning $1.1 million in revenue in her very first year! And she’s sharing the nitty-gritty of her launch strategy with us today!

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About this episode:

Luisa Zhou is the creator of the Employee to Entrepreneur system, which teaches people how to leave their day job and start their own six-figure-plus business working for themselves. She’s helped thousands launch their own businesses that generate anywhere from $30K to $100K in less than a year. Her advice has been featured in numerous online and print publications including Forbes, Inc, Entrepreneur, Success Magazine, and more.

I am so honored to have Luisa on the show! 

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How she started her Facebook ads consultancy as a side hustle, left her corporate job, and ultimately started her current 7-figure business
  • Why she set the ambitious goal of earning $1 million in her first year of business (and how she hit it out of the park!)
  • The complete anatomy of her $800,000 launch: the ad strategy she used, what worked, and what didn’t

…and a whole lot more!

If you love diving deep into the details, you will love this episode. Like me, you’ll be scribbling down notes throughout this entire interview!

Thanks for listening!

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