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7 Steps to Plan and Launch a Successful Flash Sale

In this episode, my content manager, Sierra, and I are sharing our process for planning and launching successful flash sales!

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About this episode:

Are you looking for a fast and fun way to add more revenue to your bottom line before the year is out? A flash sale may be the perfect promotion to help you bring in more revenue! And to help you get inspired, I’ve asked my lead copywriter and content manager, Sierra, to help me share our process for planning and launching successful flash sales! 

We get into the weeds on flash sales so you can see how this strategy stacks up against full-scale launches. Sierra and I reveal the pros and cons of flash sales, demonstrate the versatility of a flash sale for your business, and we give you a peek into our process (and results!) from some of our flash sales over the years!

We share the 7 steps we use to create fun, custom flash sales for our business so you can use them to boost revenue and make a bigger impact with your products, services, or programs, too!

And if you listen to this episode when it comes out, you’ll hear my tips for making a flash sale work during the most important sales season of the year: Black Friday! If you thought it was too late to launch a successful sale this year, we may just inspire you to think again.

In this episode, Sierra and I dive into:

  • How you can use flash sales to build relationships with customers
  • The benefits and drawbacks of a flash sale strategy versus live launches
  • Ideas for fun and engaging flash sale themes
  • The 7 steps to putting together your custom flash sale strategy

…and more!

Thanks for listening!

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