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7 Figures in 4 Years with Dave Chesson the Kindlepreneur: Flourish to 7 Figures Podcast Episode 2

In this episode, I sit down with Dave Chesson, from Kindlepreneur, to hear how he grew his business to 7 figures in just 4 years by selling a popular software that helps authors market and sell more books on Amazon.

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    About this episode:

    In this episode, you’ll learn:

    • How Dave’s military career led him to seek success in the online business world
    • Why Dave nearly quit his online business ventures in the beginning and what kept him going
    • Dave’s position on SAAS models and why he chooses to go against conventional advice
    • The one thing that led to Dave’s business hitting 7 figures in four years — and why it takes longer for most other businesses to hit 7 figures
    • Dave’s initial traffic strategy that fueled his blog’s growth
    • How task-based work differs from responsibility-based work
    • How Dave starts his day and his week to ensure that he’s working on his most important priorities
    • Why committing to being “the top 1%” is the key to getting unstuck in your business and breaking through to the next level
    • How to get your book to stand out on Amazon so readers will want to buy it
    • 3 ways to test your book cover to make sure it resonates with your target market
    • And more!


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