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The Step-by-Step Facebook Ad System to Create Campaigns that Convert for Bloggers, Coaches, and Online Experts

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Are you ready to grow your business, scale your profits, and amplify your impact?  

✔️ You’ve played around in the Ads Manager. ✔️ You’ve boosted a post or two. ✔️ You’ve tinkered with targeting.  

But as a blogger, coach, or online expert, you’re afraid to waste any more time or money when you know there’s so much more you could be doing to grow your community, impact, and profits.  

Are you ready to figure out how Facebook ads can help you achieve your goals?

Facebook ads CAN be a part of YOUR strategy to grow your online business.

But if the idea of running Facebook ads makes you want to run away and hide, know this: 

1. You’re not alone. 

2. You’re in the right place.

What do you need so you can master Facebook ads and get back to doing what you love?

A simple system that works.

I’m Monica Louie, and I’m a Facebook and Instagram ads strategist. I’ve helped more than 1,000 students and dozens of 6-, 7-, and 8-figure clients achieve success with high-converting Facebook and Instagram ads. My team and I have managed more than $2.5 million in ad spend, including multiple six-figure launches!  

My goal is to simplify Facebook ads for you so you know exactly what it takes to be successful creating your high-converting campaigns.  

There are lots of Facebook ads “experts” out there with looooong courses that promise to teach you every possible strategy to “win big” with Facebook ads. With a million modules, tons of worksheets, and oodles of technical jargon, these courses will only ADD to your confusion!  

What you need is a simple, step-by-step system to teach you the exact strategies that will help you reach your goals. 

I’d like to introduce you to…

Flourish: The Step-by-Step Facebook Ad System to Create Campaigns that Convert

Built for those who want to amplify their success (and scalability) with simple Facebook ad strategies that work.

Not sure if that’s you?

Flourish is for you if any or all of the following are true:

✅ You’re a blogger, coach, or online expert ✅ You’ve got a product or service to sell ✅ You want to get more eyes on your content ✅ You’re looking to increase your influence ✅ You’re prioritizing your list building ✅ You want to spend less and achieve higher conversions ✅ You like to make the most of your time and marketing dollars ✅ You like spaghetti too much to throw it at the wall  

Flourish isn’t for you if any or all of the following are true:

❌ You’re just looking to continue “dabbling” and aren’t serious and ready to invest the time/money into creating a strategy that works! 

 ❌ You want to learn specifically about store visit campaigns, dynamic product ads, or mobile app downloads  

❌ You’re okay throwing spaghetti at the wall 

For the purpose-driven business owner who wants freedom AND the opportunity to help more people online.

Harnessing the power of Facebook ads for your business will help you to...

👉 reach more people in your ideal audience 👉 make more money from affiliate revenue or ad networks 👉 sell more products 👉 get more attendees at your webinars 👉 add more people to your email list 👉 drive more leads to your sales funnels

And the best part?  

It won’t take you ages to do aaaaaall this.  

In fact, you can publish your campaign by the end of the day. (Yes, today!)  

Do not click “Boost Post.” Do not pass go. Do not collect only $200.  

(With the right pieces in place, you can do so much more!)

How can Flourish help you?

Flourish takes the strategies I’ve used with clients through hundreds of successful Facebook ad campaigns and gives you a step-by-step blueprint to create your own high-converting, low-cost campaigns.  

With the exact process I teach in Flourish, my students and clients have…  

👉 Converted webinar registrations at less than $2.00 each

👉 Gained email subscribers for as little at $0.27 per sign-up

👉 Grown their affiliate revenue with traffic campaigns as low as $0.03 per click  

You don’t need piles of cash and a complicated strategy to have success with Facebook ads.  

In one afternoon, you can go from Facebook ads novice to high-converting pro and launch a complete Facebook ad campaign to grow your business, scale your profits, and amplify your impact!  

Stop throwing spaghetti at the wall (and money out of your pockets).  

It’s time for you to Flourish!  

Here's what my students say about their experience with Flourish:

Behind the curtain: What’s inside Flourish? 

Module #1: Developing the Foundation to Flourish 

What you’ll learn:  

  • The basics: Get the complete skinny on the Facebook ads platform and never find yourself lost again 
  • The ingredients to campaigns that convert
  • Exactly how, where, and why you should place that Pixel  

When you’re done: Not only will you be able to walk the walk in getting your campaigns set up, you’ll be able to talk the (Facebook lingo) talk.

Module #2: Setting Your Strategy 

What you’ll learn:

  • The significance of strategy and where to start in creating yours
  • How to determine which campaign objectives best support your goals
  • Simple success strategies in action  

When you’re done: You’ll know exactly how Facebook ads fit into your sales strategy as you reverse engineer your campaigns to crush your goals.  

Module #3: Attracting the Right Audiences 

What you’ll learn:

  • The Audience Heat Spectrum
  • How to Create Custom, Lookalike, and Saved Audiences
  • When (and who) to exclude

When you’re done: You’ll be able to target like the boss you are, using campaigns to hit the right people at the right time.  

Module #4: Crafting the Ad Creative 

What you’ll learn:

  • When to use which ad formats
  • What makes for an attention-grabbing visual
  • How to create compelling copy  

When you’re done: You’ll have everything you need to create the ads that stop news feed scrollers in their tracks.  

Module #5: Playing in the Ads Manager 

What you’ll learn:

  • How to make the Ads Manager work for your next campaign 
  • The ins & outs of budgeting, placement, and scheduling
  • What to do when rejection strikes  

When you’re done: You + the Ads Manager will be BFFs.

Module #6: Testing & Tweaking: Ad Review & Optimization 

What you’ll learn:

  • How to review ad results in the Ads Manager
  • What to test to increase conversions and lower costs
  • How to strategically test various elements for success  

When you’re done: No campaign will be left producing low conversions at a high cost with your optimization prowess.

Brand-New Bonus Modules - Coming December 2020!
These all-new modules will help you go even further with your campaigns!

Bonus Module #1: Making the Most of Instagram Ads

What you’ll learn:

  • The differences between Facebook and Instagram ads
  • What to change when setting up an Instagram ad
  • How to set up an Instagram Stories ad

When you’re done: You’ll have the confidence to conquer the fastest-growing social platform with killer ads!  

Bonus Module #2: A Tour of Business Manager

What you’ll learn:

  • Why the Business Manager is so important
  • How to set up your Business Manager
  • Where to locate important items

When you’re done: You’ll never get lost in the Business Manager again.

Advanced Module: Retargeting Your Hottest Audience

What you’ll learn:

  • What retargeting is and why you need it to be part of your strategy
  • When to use retargeting to reach your hottest leads
  • What to include in your retargeting ads to get the best results

When you’re done: All your bases will be covered and you’ll be maximizing your conversions to get the best results possible! *self high five*

And... who doesn’t love a good bonus (or five?)!

When you enroll in Flourish, you’ll also get…

Automatic enrollment in my VIP membership program ($1,499 value)  

Group coaching calls: 2x per month ($999 value)  

Monthly hotseats to review YOUR campaigns ($299 value)  

Insider access to the Flourish with Facebook Ads Private Facebook Group Mastermind ($299 value)  

Lifetime updates to course content + all future bonuses (We know how Facebook likes to change!)  

Exclusive opportunities for private coaching with me!  

Total value: $6,296  

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Who has Flourish helped so far?  

Over 1,000 students and counting!

Here are just a few of the students who have seen their Facebook ads strategies succeed since enrolling in Flourish with Facebook Ads. (Maybe you know some of these names!)

“I made more yesterday on one single ad than I’ve paid to advertise it since its inception.”

Tracie Fobes, Penny Pinchin’ Mom

“My blog made $11,000 in net income in one month from just over $5,000 spent on Facebook ads.”

R.J. Weiss, The Ways to Wealth

“I spent over $2,500 on Facebook ads with little results. After taking Flourish, I got new email subscribers for as low as $0.73 each!”

Pete McPherson, Do You Even Blog?

“I added 2,200 email subscribers for a net ad spend of just $175. That’s $0.08 per subscriber!” 

Aja McClanahan, Principles of Increase

“We ran a campaign for the launch of a $247 course and spent a total of $265 on ads for 29 conversions. When you see $265 turn into $7,163, I’d say that’s a very successful campaign!”

Pat Flynn, Smart Passive Income

“The best part was getting the cost per click as low as $0.02!”

Kelan Kline, The Savvy Couple 

“Flourish is an encyclopedia of awesomeness!” -Andrew  

“Monica, you are invaluable! My ad got approved last night around midnight… and so far I’ve had 25 conversions! 😱🤩” -Chrissie R.  

“So far, I’ve turned $73 into $224 selling my own products on Facebook.” -Tim  

“Since our last coaching call, here’s what happened: I spent $291.06, and I got 108 new opt-ins to my email list, got 48 new follows (an added bonus I wasn’t even looking for!), AND got 8 new consult calls on the books. This course, this coaching, this investment of time and money in the ad will have WAY MORE than paid for itself if I convert just ONE of those 8. Thank you, thank you, thank you Monica for showing me what was possible!” -Megan A.  

“I never knew creating ads could be so exciting! I’ve sold my very first products ever & already increased my tiny mailing list by over 50%! 😱” -Karen B.  

“I had a conversion for an email at just $0.58. NEVER did I think I could get these type of results, and this is from a cold audience!” -Antonio C. 

Got a question? You don’t even need to raise your hand… 🙋🏻‍♀️ (but you can if you want!)

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Facebook ads = The key to increasing your impact as a blogger, coach, and online expert.

Yes! I’m ready to Flourish! →