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There are a lot of great resources available to help with your Facebook ad strategy. However, trying to find the right one can be confusing.

There are quite a few techniques that don't explain the full story, or they are set up to work once you've spent a lot of money.

That's why I'm sharing the ad strategy that I've used to get great campaign results!

The Facebook Ad Strategy that Really Works

If you're looking for a Facebook ad strategy that really works, I'm breaking it down in my latest Facebook Live. I decided to share my own Facebook ad strategy with you, and it's one that I use my clients as well.

Why? Because it ACTUALLY gets results!

In this video, I talk about conversion rates, the best way to convert your audience, and how to earn more money. I also share a few tips to help get your Facebook ad rates to as low as $0.01 cent!

This is the Facebook ads strategy that is working for my clients RIGHT NOW. It’s super cheap and has an immediate return on investment.

Plus, it's easy to scale which has created a snowball of increasing revenues for my clients month after month.

And I'd love to help you too! In this Facebook Live, I share:

💎 Why you might need to rethink using Facebook ads to grow your email list or promote your product

💎 The easiest way to get started with Facebook ads (even if you have a small budget)

💎 How this single strategy has TRIPLED my client’s revenue and email list AND 7x his Facebook fans

Answers to Common Facebook Ad Questions

I also answer quite a few questions during this Facebook Live and thought they would be helpful for you as well.

“What are the Facebook ads budget to achieve 5-figures in revenue monthly?”Claudia. My answer starts at 13:45.

“How long do you have to test the market?”Nichole. My answer starts at 15:10.

“Do you have a viewpoint on optimum landing page development?” and “What payout affiliates work best for personal finance bloggers?”James. My answers start at 17:05 and 19:01.

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