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You're just getting started with Facebook ads and there are lots of things to consider. But the first thing you should is what audiences to target.

With so many ways to target the billions of people on Facebook, it can be overwhelming to know which audiences are right for you. This is what I'm breaking down in today's Facebook Live video!

How to Identify the Right Facebook Ad Audiences

Do you know how to find your audiences? Have you heard a little bit about the audience heat spectrum? This is exactly what I cover as well as the ins-and-outs of Facebook ad audiences — they can easily be broken down warm, cool, and cold audiences.

I also reference how to use your Facebook Pixel (which I cover in-depth in another video), and the easiest audience you can use to start. Next, I go over how to create audience lookalikes, so you can find even MORE people who be interested in your ads. Click the play button to watch!

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