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Have you ever wondered, what's the difference between boosting a Facebook post and creating an actual Facebook ad?

Have you ever seen a notification like this on your Facebook Business Page?

“Your post is performing 85% better than all of the other posts on your page! Boost your post to reach more people.”

These are the questions I'm answering today on my latest Facebook Live. Plus, I'm going to tell you the reasons why you're wasting your money by boosting posts instead of using Facebook ads!

Why You're Wasting Money Boosting Posts

When you boost a post, you have fewer options than when you create a Facebook Ad campaign. (1:27) Why?

Because boosting a Facebook post limits your:

1. Objectives (1:35)

It can be overwhelming to see all of the campaign objective options that the Facebook Ads Manager or Power Editor presents. But in order to get the best results with objectives, it's likely you'll want to create a Traffic or Conversion campaign.

When you boost a post, you don’t have these Objective options.

2. Audiences (2:01)

You can create Audiences and see which is the best fit for your ad campaign. There are tons of different audiences you can create from Lookalikes of fans, website visitors, current customers, and more.

But you don't have this option when you simply boost a post.

3. Placements (2:40)

This is the feature that allows you to choose where your ad will actually show up. You have more Placement options within the Facebook Ads Manager or Power Editor versus hitting the “Boost” button.

This can help you get more reach or results per click, for a much lower cost. You can also test to see which Placement options perform the best.

4. Testing (3:22)

Boosting a post doesn't allow for proper testing! When you create a Facebook Ads campaign, you're able to test different ad variations including the headline, image, and copy — all with multiple/different audiences.

Boosting a Facebook post only allows you to boost the one version of your ad.

As intimidating as this all sounds, it really pays to use the Power Editor or Ads Manager which work with the Facebook algorithm behind-the-scenes to get the best results possible!


Please feel free to hit me up on my Facebook Page if you have any questions, I love talking Facebook ads and want to help you stop wasting money boosting posts!

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